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Crete TOURnet, a complete Tourist Guide on the Internet about Crete
Crete, a mountainous island in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, is the largest and most populous of the Greek islands with a coastline of 1046 km which consists of both sandy beaches and rocky shores.

Crete TOURnet, one of the most important Travel Guides of Crete the latest years and recently upgraded, will help visitors to explore Crete! Browsing through Crete TOURnet visitors discover wonderful hotels, rooms, villas, apartments, beach hotels and traditional hotels in Chania, in Rethymnon, in Heraklion and suburbs including pictures, location on map, prices and important information.

This blog will help users to be informed about everything regarding traveling in Crete such as travel news, accommodation offers, popular areas and sights, tips while visiting Crete island and much more.

Discover the hospitality of the locals and learn everything about Cretan tradition, culture and history, authentic Cretan products participating at Cretan Festivals and Events.

Crete TOURnet Photo Gallery guide visitors in each corner of Crete, in many ancients monuments, in gorges, mountains, beaches, monasteries and traditional Cretan villages. 

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